Hello! I’m Bryan
(your homebuyer!)

If you are at this website it is because you received my letter in the mail or a friend may have told you I am looking for a home. I am relocating from the St. Louis area after 40 years, and grew up in the Chicago suburbs.

I am hoping at this time you may be considering selling your home. Perhaps now or in the future. I can purchase a property with no financing and also I can buy a home “as is” with no inspections. I have moved several times and I know the challenges of packing things. I am okay buying a house if the owner wants to leave furniture or other items.

Bryan Kelsey
Author. Speaker.

(314) 713-2785

P.S. If you are not thinking of selling, could you pass this information to a friend that may be considering it. I know that we do not know one another but I appreciate whatever you could do.

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